Jim's BLOG June 2018

We just played a fantastic James Warren And Friends gig at The Stables, Wavendon. It couldn't have gone better! 

Technically our show was fiendishly complex and the possibilities for unforeseen glitches and general blundering were very high indeed.

First we had our dearly beloved Born To Win doing their own 20 minute set with their own equipment which then had to cleared to make way for all our stuff; then the overworked Al Steele, having just played guitar for Ava, Jay and Emmy, had to synchronise all our additional audi/visual stuff in real time as he was playing a whole bunch of blistering guitar solos. And even more difficult than that, I had to remember my words! But Al pulled it off like the legend he is and I managed to accurately recall 87% of the lyrics!

A triumph!

And it convincingly demonstrated to us all that we have a winner with this show. Perfect for all occasions - very upbeat and positive with great additional singing from Johnny Baker, Ava, Jay and Emmy, rock-solid drumming from Paul Smith and very sympathetic keyboards from Glenn Tommey. And of course Al holding it all together.

Come and see us do a Korgis set at The Sunshine Festival in August!

Love, Jim xx  


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