Live! in Wales. Twice.

I’d love to see you on either (or both!) of these gigs...

Sunday 4 March at The Globe in Cardiff (details here)

Friday 23 March at The Hyst in Swansea (details to follow...)

The Globe gig features Al Steele performing his excellent album COMING uP fROM DOWN UNDER' at his LIVE, LOUD AND UNLEASHED show, with myself, John Baker and 'Born To Win' doing a few Innocent Bystander tracks.

The Hyst in Swansea will be a “singer-songwriter” evening with yours truly singing a selection of tunes from all periods of my recorded work with lots of chat and Q&A. I’ve already enlisted the indomitable Glenn Tommey to play piano while I strum my acoustic and Born To Win leap on stage to add occasional harmonies. 

See you there! 

All the best, 


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