What a great end to 2017!

Last October my new album Innocent Bystander was released after about 12 months pretty intensive writing and recording and in November “James Warren And Friends” performed their debut gig at the delightful Rondo Theatre in Bath. As I write we’re in the process of editing the footage of that performance to post on YouTube and planning rehearsals for a tour beginning April/May. 

It’s been really inspiring working with my old mate Al Steele at Shabbey Road Studios again – we go back to the 1980s – and through him meeting Ava, Emmy and Jay who’ve joined the live band on backing vocals. A, E & J also write and perform their own songs as “BornToWin” which they’ll be showcasing at our gigs. 

Oh and I must say how very pleasant to have Johnny Baker and Glenn Tommey on board as well; it seems unreal to think us chaps have worked together on-and-off for about 40 years! 

And finally, I must mention my new friend, the thoroughly amiable and exceedingly professional Mr. Paul Smith who’s rather good at playing the drums. It’s a happy band if ever there was one.

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